Our New Video Series Will Teach You About All Things Tire

We are launching a new video series that will continue to educate Canadian drivers about all things tire. We are creating these short videos to guide drivers through the entire tire ownership and user journey, and underscoring the importance of tire maintenance and how it relates to safe driving.

Our goal is to encourage Canadian motorists to adopt good tire maintenance practices that will maximize the life span of tires, increase fuel efficiency, and keep our roads safer.

Our first two videos (available in English and French) educate drivers about tire options for winter driving, and the advantages of winter tires on cold Canadian roads.

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There is more! Our upcoming videos in this series will focus on calculating the cost of winter tire ownership using our Tire Cost Calculator (coming soon to www.betiresmart.ca), proper tire maintenance, how to shop for the right tires, and others. So, click “Subscribe” to our YouTube channel, click the little bell to receive YouTube notifications when we upload new content, and stay tuned for more emails about this series.




Learn about the Advantages of Winter Tires

Choosing the Right Tire for Winter Driving


Avantage des pneus d’hiver

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