TRAC Winter Tire List 2019

Only 35 per cent of Canadian drivers used winter tires in 1998. That figure has more than doubled, and growing to 75 per cent in 2019. Excluding Quebec, where the winter tires are mandatory, 70 per cent of the Canadian drivers will use winter tires in the 2019/2020 winter season.

The winter tires list below shows Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s (TRAC) member brands of tires with the Three-Peak-Mountain-Snowflake symbol that are marketed as “dedicated winter tires” and are meant for winter use only.*

Download 2019 Canadian Winter Tire List

*Many tires can be suitable for winter driving, some of which may not be included on this list, such as the all-season tires with the three-peak-mountain-snowflake that are meant for a year round usage.